It’s been a while since I’ve posted. So much of life just seems to rush by and I hardly have time to catch my breath. The seasons are changing again. The air is warmer. The sky is clearer. And all of the hope seems to be renewed after a long harsh winter. Things are looking brighter. Life seems to be a little more optimistic. It’s funny though. How much things change even in a little amount of time. Things that once again I never thought would happen, happen. I find myself in that familiar place of finding company with myself. It’s taken me a while to be okay with being by myself… even as an introvert. Days like this make me long for the things to come. I find myself caught up in day dreams.  I find it freeing though, on days like this- the sun shining, the soft breeze blows through the trees, the sense of wanderlust fills my being. I long for adventure in the most quiet ways. The romanticized road trips across country to places off the beaten trail- I want to see mountains and wander the redwood forests and see the oceans depths. My heart longs for things that it’s never known. One day. One day it’ll get there. For now I’ll have to learn to be content with the quiet meadows and rolling hills and the simplicity of mid-western suburbia…

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