Single and Awesome


“All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies! Put your hands up! Whoa-oh-oh!”

I feel like this has been the anthem of my life for over a year now. Which is great! Now, hear me out, flying solo isn’t always the easiest thing to do always, especially when you’re surrounded by couples everywhere, but I’ll be honest with you, being single defintely has it’s fair share of perks!

First- It’s finally sweater weather which means it is now cool enough here in MN to take a 6 month break from my razor! YEAH!!!!! I mean, why shave? It’s not like I have anyone to impress, so why make the hassle in the mornings when I can just go all cave-man with my legs!

2- Along with not feeling the need to impress anybody, there is no one there to judge me when I come home from work and decide to  eat a whole row of Oreo’s for dinner! And don’t even get me started on the Chick-flicks and Disney movie marathons I have with myself! Since there is no guy in my life that I need to convince to watch super sappy movies with, I can enjoy them whenever I want!

3- I am free to make plans with whoever and whenever I want! I don’t have to run it by anyone to make sure it doesn’t interfere with a date night!

But in all seriousness- being single really does have its perks that go far beyond just the average things. You see, in this year of being single, I’ve learned a lot about me. Who I am as an individual and who Christ has made me to be. I am learning Whose I am and who I am rather that focusing on who I am in a relationship with or not in a relationship with. You see, the relationship I was in before, it was alright. We got by. And by the world’s standards it was a good relationship. We had our ups and downs, but that’s “normal”. But what I didn’t realize until after a few months after the relationship ended abruptly was that I had tied so much of my identity into that relationship. I was lost and left wondering who I was and what I was supposed to do after. It took me months of rebuilding to regain my self identity of who I was. God literally stripped away all that was comfortable and secure for me in that relationship and showed me that no man can make me feel complete, no man can fulfill me, no man can love me unconditionally like I desired. No. Only God Himself does that. God makes me complete and whole and worthy and lovable. Christ showed me that in order to be truly happy with another person, I must first be truly happy with just me, the amazing person He created me to be. I am intelligent, smart, caring, loving, generous, a hard worker, diligent, funny, confident, beautiful- all of these things. And if I don’t believe these first without anyone telling me, then if I get in a relationship- I will be so dependent on my need to validate all of those things, which is why relationships end poorly. All of those qualities are already validated IN CHRIST because THAT’S WHO HE MADE ME. I don’t need someone to tell me, because I already know. I know that I was made for Christ, not to find a spouse. And let me just say this-

There are far greater kinds of love than just the romantic kind we idolize!


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2 Responses to Single and Awesome

  1. Emma Morgan says:

    LOVE THIS! I definitely learned the same thing after being single for a few years. It’s hard to be single but then again it was a pivotal time in my life when I focused on establishing my identity in Christ and becoming whole in Him! Trust me when I say the wait is worth it! You will find somebody to have Disney movie marathons and chick flick nights!! God knows what you desire and who will compliment you best!!

    • amysavaria says:

      Thanks Emma! I was just thinking today that I am soooo incredibly blessed where I am right now! Even if it means being single a little while longer 🙂 To have people like you and Lillian, Josh and Travis in my life is such a huge blessing! And the more I’m single the more I realize that I am going to be ok 🙂 haha! Obviously! But even though I don’t have someone special in my life right now, my life can still be amazing (and already IS amazing!) Sometimes I just need good friends like you to make sure I don’t throw any pity parties for myself! But this year, in retrospect, has been all around wonderful. I wouldn’t be who I am now had I not gone through what I did and learned the lessons I needed to learn and to learn to rely on God for everything!

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