Why I (Still) Love Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is quite the hot topic, especially after the VMA’s the other night. She has gone to quite the extremes to shake off her Disney Channel image of the pop-star Hannah Montana, who has been every 13 year old’s idol since 2006. Now I personally did not watch the VMA’s so I missed Miley’s…different… performance. But I did YouTube clips the next day to see what all the hype was about. And what I saw rather saddened me. Her performance, I’ll admit was rather vulgar, but that’s not what made me upset. What made me upset was the reactions from everyone that Miley was getting online. I saw posts from many of my Christian friends on twitter commenting on Miley has gone off the deep end, is too raunchy, explicit or whatever! There are posts about how she’s crazy, is the next Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes, all of whom are former Disney child-stars that took turns in the wrong direction.

Here’s the thing. Now while I’ll admit that where Miley’s career is going now is no longer appropriate for 13-year-old girls to follow, I’m not going to belittle Miley or say that she’s gone off the deep end of crazy. Miley is still a daughter, a sister, a role model (though maybe no longer the best role model). She is a girl who has been living in her father’s shadow, who grew up on Disney and has been pretty much told how to live her whole life by everyone OTHER than herself! My heart breaks for this girl. It really does. Miley is a person fallen from Grace just like myself. I get why she’s acting the way she is. Why? Because I have the same sin nature in me. The difference though, is that I am aware of my need for grace from my Savior. But Miley is still a person created by God and I know that His heart longs for her to return to His love. God’s heart breaks over Miley’s for where she is now, and so mine does too.

I took a ministry class my sophomore year in college and I remember one of the assignments we got was to do research on pop-culture and my project partner and I got Lady Gaga. I remember when we did the project we started talking about how amazing it would be if Christians didn’t put down, shame or ridicule the people of Hollywood like they do, but rather instead they PRAYED for them. And honestly PRAYED for them. And how much that would change the face of Hollywood! Miley Cyrus has a following of over 13 million people on twitter and even more all around the world. What would happen if Christians prayed for Miley diligently and Miley gave her life over to the Lord? Imagine the influence she would have! Imagine how much Eternity would be altered because of that! It would be profound!

I still love Miley Cyrus. Not because of her career, but because she is a child of God who has gone astray and is in as much need of a Savior just as each and every one of us. We are all sinners. We all fall short of the Glory of God. But we are all covered in His love and we all need our Savior’s grace. My heart breaks over Miley’s. I don’t see a girl who is trying to be rebellious. No. I see a girl who is seeking the things of the world trying to satisfy a longing that can only be fulfilled by Jesus. As Christians our response to Miley’s VMA’s performance should not be judgmental, but rather one that extends Christ’s love to her and to everyone in Hollywood that is in need of the Savior’s love.

There is also another post from a popular pastor and author, Jarrid Wilson, who wrote an open letter to Miley that is definitely worth the read!

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