Why I Hate Social Media

I’ll admit, I’m a social media junkie. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and just about every other social media site there is. It is a great way to connect with other people from all over and stay in touch and share life with those that cannot be physically in your daily life. But over the past two years I’ve noticed a downside to all of this social media craze. And that’s the fact that people often mistake “relationships” online to be more valid than those in real life. Perhaps it started when everything had to be FBO (Facebook Official) meaning that it wasn’t legit unless it was publicly validated online first. Like really? Why is that even necessary? And more so is how serious people take it when you unfollow them online *GASP*! Because heaven forbid that I unfollow someone whom I’m just not that close with in real life so I feel no real need to follow them online.

But here’s my annoyance- and I’m also going to state that I am guilty of doing this myself, is when people whine and then publicly complain online about people unfollowing/blocking them online and then proceeding to call that person immature and not displaying “godly qualities” because they chose to block you for what ever reason which they honestly don’t have to share with you. Whining and calling someone immature online by default also makes you immature and all it does is perpetuate the so called “middle-school” drama. So just don’t do it. I’ve learned that it’s seriously best if you just keep your mouth shut and save the name calling. Even if you think the person is being immature for blocking you, don’t stoop down and do the exact thing you are accusing them of. And definitely do NOT combine their action of blocking you with where their relationship is with Christ. Because I’m pretty sure Jesus would tell you to suck it up and stop being such a baby. So the person unfollowed you from Twitter, SO WHAT?!

If you’re basing your whole friendship with that person from your interactions with them online, then you need to get a REAL LIFE and maybe some REAL friends that aren’t contained on a computer screen. And if you’re only friends with that person online, chances are you aren’t that close in real life, so then you really shouldn’t be that upset when they unfollow you.

Here’s the thing people, we need to stop taking social media so seriously. So much can get misrepresented and twisted around and that leads to poor assumptions which leads to misunderstandings and rash words that you’ll say which you’ll later regret. The truth is, I have friends in real life that I don’t follow online or they don’t follow me online. That’s OK. And then there are people I do follow online that I’m not necessarily friends with. Social Media does not set the standard to which we validate friendships. So please, go make friends in the REAL world and leave all the drama back where it belongs, in middle school.

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