A Letter to Myself

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? I encourage you to do so. Write it from an outsider’s perspective on how they and God would see you. It’s encouraging. You remind yourself of the truths you already know, but refuse to acknowledge. (But please remember, it’s supposed to uplift!!!)
This letter is one I wrote my freshman year of college. I like to read it again just to remind me of the beautiful truths of God’s amazing love for me

Dear Amy,
You are so beautiful. You are loved by your Maker more than you could ever know. He loves you so much. He loves you more than any boy ever could. You have an amazing personality which just adds to your beauty. You are sweet and kind. You care about people even if they may not care the same way. You always look for the good in people despite what you may know about someone, the bad they have done… Remember that when times get tough that God is always there for you to run back to Him, His arms are wide and ready to embrace you with His love. He loves you. Life may give you some unexpected surprises along the way, whether they are good or bad, know that whatever it is, it is always for the good of God’s perfect plan. You are precious and cherished and treasured. You have found your Prince Charming in the Lord. You know how to make people smile with your own pretty smile. Never compare yourself to anyone else because you’re not them. That’s such a good thing because then you wouldn’t be the amazing person that you are. You are one of a kind, giving the world something no one else could, able to touch the world in such a way that you leave a part of your beauty behind wherever you go. No one else can do what you can do. God blessed you with amazing friends to help you through the hard times and to celebrate with you through all the good times. Wow, God made you so amazing. You are so amazing that anyone would be stupid if they didn’t know what they had when they had you. Don’t put your joy in boys. You don’t need them. God will provide in His time. He will let the perfect man come into your life when He knows you’re ready…Above all else, God loves you.

So write a letter to yourself. It may feel funny at first, but I promise, doing something like this is worth the awkwardness it can have.

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3 Responses to A Letter to Myself

  1. zanspence says:

    You will enjoy this website then. It’s a ways to write to our future selves: http://www.futureme.org/

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