365 days. A lot can happen in a year. I never would have imagined my life where it is now this time last year. One year ago I had just been dumped by my ex-boyfriend and wondering how I was going to finish college. I had had 3 grandparents pass away and things were not looking up for me. But it’s funny how God works in mysterious ways. Even though I was in a rather dark place of my life, God continued to show His favor to me. He placed people in my life that not only encouraged me and strengthened me, they continued to point me to the truth that I really was where God wanted me to be. 

Like really? How is that you might ask? My love life was lacking, I had to take an extra semester of college and the loss close family members had all taken their toll on me. How is THAT where God wanted me to be? Well, simple. Even though I lost a lot physically this past year, I gained the knowledge that God REALLY IS my firm foundation, an ever-present help in times of trouble. He is my Peace and my Counselor. He is there when everyone else leaves and forsakes me. God literally stripped me of almost everything that I was comfortable with and that I had been using as a crutch to lean on to gain my strength and worth from instead of Him.

He did the most loving thing He could do at the time- take it all away. Yeah it hurt. Yeah it sucked. A lot. But looking back 365 days later, I see that God wasn’t doing what He did because He wanted me to be alone and miserable. No, He did it so I could see clearly without all the distractions of what had been my life and see that He is my true source of comfort, worth and love. 

My life now is still more closely relatable to a FRIENDS episode than it is to someone who has their life all together as a “good Christian follower” by their mid-twenties, but I’m okay with that. I know that I am a stronger person even if I have no one else to rely on besides myself and God. I know that I will be ok even if I were to be single for the rest of my life (though I really pray that won’t happen!) I know that God will provide opportunities for me to grow my faith in ways I never could have dreamed- and He already has! 

I was just accepted into the Substance Church Excelerate Internship program for this next year and I am MORE than ecstatic to see just how God moves in this! I know that God has used this past year to prepare me for the challenges that lie ahead. I know that if my life had continued on the track it was going, yeah I would be in a relationship, but I would be marrying a guy who was just an imposter of a real man of God. He would not be leading me more to Christ and ultimately that marriage would more than likely fail. But I would have had the relationship I wanted.

As for the extra semester at college, it gave me an opportunity to mend broken relationships that were caused by lack of grace and love. To see the redeeming work of God’s love first hand and the forgiveness that it can bring has been amazing. As for the loss of my grandparents, I know that I will see them in heaven again one day and I know that they are no longer in this world that is filled with pain and suffering.

This year has been a whirlwind for me. A lot has happened. But I can honestly say that I am glad it happened and I am looking forward to the future God has in store for me. If the blessings are anything like the blessings I have already received this past year, I know that I am in for a really good life. So here’s to the next 365 days, may they just as surprising as the last!

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