Button Lace Bottle Tutorial

So I’ve been going Pinterest CRAZY lately! It’s probably a side-effect of the dreary weather and having nothing to do…So, I’ve been making crafts! Today I made a few projects and I’m going to show you how I made this really cute glass bottle!

 13 - 1

First: What you’ll need is

1: a tall glass bottle. This one had some sort of fruit punch drink from Target. (You’ll need to peel off any labels. To do that just run the bottle under hot water, add some soap and a little elbow grease and viola!)

2: fabric. Any kind will do. I used what I had left over from other projects.

3: lace

4: buttons of varying size

5: hot glue gun

6: Cutting board and rotary cutter

13 - 8

So what you’ll want to do is cut the fabric so it fits around the bottle. Make sure it’s wide enough so the lace can go over it.   You will want to cut the fabric with your rotary cutter to make it easier to cut and to have a straight edge. My sewing machine is out of commission, so to hem the fabric, I just glued it so I didn’t have rough edges around the bottle.  And if you do have a working sewing machine, you can hem your edges that way too.

Once you have it all edges hemmed, you’ll want to glue the fabric to the bottle with the hot glue gun like so-

13 - 6

Then add the lace over that. Make sure to glue it well so it doesn’t come undone. Again, if you have a sewing machine, you can always sew the lace over the fabric before adhering it to the bottle.

13 - 5 Next add your buttons! I got mine from all the extra buttons you get from sweaters and such! So basically free buttons!

13 - 4

Just glue the buttons wherever you want and then you’re done!

13 - 3 (1)

It’s really easy and looks really cute! You can dress it up with some cute flowers or just makes a really cute centerpiece

13 - 2

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