Enough. It’s a simple word. But something we are all striving to acquire. We all want to be enough. To be smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, muscular enough, skinny enough, brave enough, kind enough, patient enough… But the reality is that as hard as we try to strive to be all those things, someone will always ultimately be better than we are. We can never FULLY be enough. But yet we continue to strive for the impossible. We think that if we can just be more _____, then that will finally be enough. But whenever we don’t reach whatever that is, we are left disappointed. We might be disappointed by ourselves or by others. Maybe you weren’t what someone was looking for in a partner, you weren’t “enough” for them so they left looking for someone better and that left you disappointed. Or maybe you didn’t get the job you’d been hoping for because you didn’t have all the qualifications (you weren’t experienced enough) or maybe you completely failed your final and have to retake the course and that set you back because you weren’t “smart enough”.

The root of all of these things is the fear of man. We are constantly afraid of being rejected by others that we do everything we can to put on a show that we are actually better than what we are. We think that if we can just be ____, then they will accept us and life will be good. We are constantly trying to please others and live by THEIR standards, which are imperfect by the way, and we are constantly trying to adjust ourselves to the ever changing standards of what “good enough” is.

But what if we didn’t live for man. What if the only one we were trying to please was God? He looks at us, sees our pathetic attempts to be enough and takes it upon Himself to define our worth. He is aware of how NOT good enough we are and MAKES us enough through His redemption, mercy and grace. There is NOTHING we can do to be enough OTHER than accept the fact that He is the only one that makes us worthy of ANYTHING. If we live to please God and not man, it doesn’t matter if we are rejected in relationships, it doesn’t matter if we fail a big exam, it doesn’t matter if we aren’t fit enough or whatever, because in Christ we are MORE than enough because He will never leave us nor forsake us and His blood has made us clean, redeemed heirs to his throne. In Him we have, are and will be enough!

Isaiah 64:6, Psalm 23:5, Romans 5:8, 1 Corinthians 15:58

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