The Bachelor, (ex) Boyfriends, and the Bible

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It was written a few months ago, but I still thought I’d share it again 🙂

America seems to be a little stir crazy with boys lately. Especially on Monday nights where almost every woman in America has her tv tuned in to watch and see where Sean, this seasons Bachelor, goes on his whirlwind adventure to find romance, and hopefully the love of his life. But there’s a catch. He has to choose between 25 beautiful, intelligent, smart, sophisticated, charming, and sometimes crazy, women. 
I’ll admit that I get caught up in all of the Bachelor drama. I’ve seen all the “Tierrable” drama that Tierra, the girl everybody loved to hate, created. I watched as the girls emotionally vomited on Sean over national TV, revealing all of their personal lives in hopes that that would make Sean fall madly in love with them. It always makes me laugh because it’s so backwards. If you reveal too much, you’re going home, if you DONT reveal ENOUGH, you’re going home and so these girls play these stupid games with The Bachelor and with the other girls to win his attention and to look better in comparison to the other girls. I remember watching one episode where one of the girls brought her concerns to Sean concerning how she felt that there was one girl in particular that she felt wasn’t good for him and afterwards she was so afraid that she had over stepped her bounds and would probably be sent home!

Now, lets get back to reality for a minuet, if I were in a relationship with someone that wasn’t good for me, I would DEFINITELY want someone to come and tell me! And vice versa! If I knew that someone was playing games with the feelings of someone I cared about, I would HOPE I could talk to that person openly and honestly without fear of it ending our relationship/friendship! In fact that’s exactly what happened to me last year. The guy I had been dating turned out to be cheating on me with another girl and the whole situation turned into one big mess! I WISH I had someone that told my what was actually going on with him! I would’ve been grateful that they did! It would of saved me, and the other girl from a lot of heartache that we both ended up going through. I also wish that someone had confronted him about it too. I am a firm believer that if you REALLY love someone, you’re always honest with them, no matter how much the truth may “hurt” at the time, it’s nothing compared to the hurt that comes when you aren’t honest. 

And so now, the Bible. Where does Jesus fit in with all of this?
Well first I think we need to be aware of who we open ourselves up to. Psalm 4:23 talks about guarding your heart. I think we, as girls are so pressured to get into a relationship that we open our hearts up at the first person who shows even the slightest interest. BE CAREFUL, ladies! We also need to keep in mind that the people we interact with are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we should hold their hearts gently and with care. Also, in terms of dating, keep in mind that the people you date and don’t end up marrying is going to be someone else’s husband or wife. Don’t take something from them that you wouldn’t want someone else taking from the person you end up marrying. And lastly, don’t be afraid to call one another out and to hold each other accountable. We are all going through this crazy thing called life, and unfortunately it doesn’t have a whole lot of instructions. We’re all kinda winging it. But we as Christians have an advantage because we have God’s word, we KNOW how we should act towards one another, so if you see your fellow brother or sister in Christ acting in a way you know they ought not, call them out on it in LOVE. Romans 12 does a good job at outlining this. 

Bottom line is this, we are heirs with Christ. Love those around you and let yourself be loved in return. We were made in the likeness of LOVE!!! Just think about that for minuet and let it sink in! We were made in God’s image and a piece of that image is love! So why not spread a little bit more of that around- which means spreading more of yourself around! Be YOU, be authentically YOU! Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to those around you and give them a piece of love that they would have not gotten otherwise if you were not there!

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