Ok God, I’m ready now!

So it’s no mystery to anyone that knows me that I’m a hopeless romantic. I love watching cheesy Disney movies where the princess always ends up with her prince. I love watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and listening to all the cute relationship stories of how the couple fell in love and how they’re getting married now. I have Pinterest boards FULL of future wedding ideas for a wedding I’m NO WHERE NEAR having! I even watch cute proposals on YouTube when the guy goes way above and beyond to ask his girl to marry him in the cutest, yet over the top way. I’m a sap. I love love. I love to love. I have a lot of love that I want to love someone with! But it seems like love always evades me. But how can that be? I’ve taken classes on relationships, I’ve read all the books on relationships, I understand what it means to have a God-centered relationship with a significant other, I try to live my life that would attract a godly-man, so WHY DON’T I HAVE A LOVE LIFE?! From my point of view I am ready for that phase of life, to have a commitment with another person to share my walk with God with. And that may be true. I very well could be “fully” ready for a relationship, but perhaps the man I’m supposed to spend my life with isn’t quite yet and God is taking this time to prepare his heart.

When God revealed that possibility to me, it took me aback at first because I had never thought of it that way before. And then I started thinking more on it. Maybe God isn’t withholding love from me because He’s mean and cruel, maybe He’s withholding it because He wants it to be the BEST possible love relationship I can have here on earth so He’s taking His time to make sure that the man I end up marrying really is a man of God!

I believe that God does have a man that I am going to marry. God has given me a desire for a husband and He is preparing my heart and his for marriage. But I think we get caught up sometimes with the lies we tell ourselves from truth that we kind of bend, like, ” Oh I have to be FULLY content in God before He gives me a husband, so I have to put away the yearning to meet my future husband because I won’t be content” That’s stupid. Don’t be ashamed of your desires! God gave them to you! I think you can be content in God and still want to know who your future husband is and want him in your life. But now, instead of complaining, “Oh God, WHY am I still single?!” I pray for my future husband, that God would take this time to prepare his heart and draw him closer to Himself that he might be able to lead me more to God and be the spiritual leader I need when we are married.

Where I am, I have a lot of friends that are rushing off and getting married. It’s kind of a side-effect of having gone to a Christian school. You get it stuck in your head that if you don’t find the person you’re supposed to marry by the time you graduate, you’ll be ‘forever alone’ for, well, forever! But that’s not true! God knows what He’s doing and we just have to TRUST that He really does know what’s best for us and when the timing is right then He can ordain two people meeting, coming together, falling in love and getting married. So if you’re 20, 25 or 30+, single and DON’T have a marriage relationship anywhere in the near future, don’t be discouraged. God still has a plan for you and you will still have PLENTY of years to spend with your future spouse despite what age you get married. But remember, they are a gift! God is not obliged to give us a relationship just because we want one or because everybody else seems to be in a relationship. And we are not entitled to that kind of relationship. Keep that it mind!

Seek God’s love first. I know this sounds cliche, but really, drawing closer to God in the time of waiting, especially for a romantic relationship, you really WILL find fulfillment in God’s love for you and it will make the waiting easier.

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