So I’ve been thinking about love a lot. Not just the “romantic” kind of love that everybody thinks of right away. None of that mushy-gushy stuff. No. I’m talking about REAL love. What is that? And how do we get it?

Well, REAL love is shown from Christ, dying on the cross and coming back to forgive us all of our sins. He took our punishment upon himself and died in our place! WOW! That’s amazing love right there! And then I got to thinking, how do I love like that? Because that is what we as Christians are called to do. But since we are sinful and since we are NOT God, we can only love so much. We are finite beings called to loves others in an infinite way-agape love. But how since we are limited? Well, simple, we follow the example of Christ. By asking to place HIS love in us, we are then able to love with HIS ability to love, which is infinite, which means that we are able to love like He did- to love the unlovable and those that are hard to love that are in our lives. We have the love of Christ in us that gives us the ability to love beyond ourselves and to reach out to those that are hurting, to those that are broken. We love them in a way that is reflective of Christ to them that we otherwise could not because we simply aren’t able to on our own. That’s crazy! There are so many passages that demonstrate this, one of my favorites is this, 1 John 4:19 which says “We love because He first loved us.” The only reason why we are able to love AT ALL is because God first loved us and he showed this love by dying on a cross for us! Dang!

So tomorrow’s Easter and everybody is going to be talking about all of this and more and the idea of how we should all love each other better because Christ loved us, but lets make it MORE than a good Sunday sermon and ACTUALLY LIVE it out!!! Let’s make it our goal EACH DAY to display the love of Christ to those in our lives!

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